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40% Sale! Use Code "Corona" at Checkout! Be Safe!

40% Sale! Use Code "Corona" at Checkout! Be Safe!

40% Sale! Use Code "Corona" at Checkout! Be Safe!40% Sale! Use Code "Corona" at Checkout! Be Safe!

Hard Tail Fashion Show by BodiesbyLeigh

BodiesbyLeigh rocks their Hard Tail down the runway


Hello and let me introduce myself to you. I am Leigh Cohen, the owner of BodiesByLeigh, Hard Tail Forever Headquarters in St. Louis, MO.  I (Leigh) have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years as a gym and boutique owner. The combination of selling women's Hard Tail activewear and instructing cardio and sculpting group X classes was a natural partnership. Hard Tail's line was an easy pick for me.  I love working with Hard Tail Forever, who offer a wide variety of boutique clothing featuring yoga clothes, yoga pants, yoga tops, and fashion which double as athletic wear or smart street apparel.  They pride themselves with their cutting edge style, great quality materials, unbelievable dye processes, and ALWAYS MADE IN THE USA!  

I myself wear Hard Tail everyday for my yoga clothes,workout clothes, athletic wear, lounge and fashion attire. No other brands for me!  My Hard Tail easily transitions  from the gym to my day.  A workout top in either tie dye or solid, cotton or performance activewear, great stylish yoga pants in either boot cut, capri or ankle, finished with a cutting edge Hard Tail top, long skinny tee, or jacket are my usual attire. All materials are high quality, preshrunk, wash and wear. My experience and expertise with Hard Tail help provide a great personal customer service!
Bodiesbyleigh has new stock coming in every week in Hard Tail Yoga Clothes, Tops, Hard Tail yoga pants, lounge, and Fashion. We are loving their new performance activewear, space dyes, tie dyes, and fashion pieces. Their family secret dyes and yummy fabrics cannot be beat.

Hard Tail Forever blew the doors off the sportswear industry 20 years ago. It was conceived on the notion of premium tee-shirts with tattoo-inspired designs evoking that inner rock star and edgy twist. The evolution of mobility, spirit and color had begun. It’s launch turned contemporary sportswear into casual, comfortable, and chic fitness, fashion, and lounge urban-wear. “Always made in the U.S.A” is not just a mantra, but a fundamental personal philosophy to Hard Tail. Its integrity hinges upon keeping the source of their inspiration and construction pure in order to keep standards and quality high. Hard Tail Forever premium sportswear stands out in the crowd because of its delicious color palette and signature design elements.   Hard Tail is known industry-wide for having the best “dyeing” process. The deep, rich and fruity colors that created are no accident, but rather a complicated, intricate process that remains a “family secret.”   Hard Tail was the pioneer behind roll down pants a top selling product because of its enduring cut and shape that flatters any body. Hard Tail apparel reflects the natural, sexy and sporty individuality of women today. It has never got lost in anyone’s opinion as to what Hard Tail should be.  I myself have been wearing and selling Hard Tail Forever apparel as both my exercise gear and savvy street clothes for almost 20 years. That's a lot of experience with a company who prides itself in their cutting edge style, great quality materials, unbelievable dye processes, and ALWAYS MADE IN THE USA!